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A Mess Up Fess Up

✖️ Behind-the-scenes, a misprint, and an apology.
Above is what the back of this year’s holiday card was supposed to be. Because the printer was unable to get the recycled stock we usually use, and we compromised on FSC-certified stock instead.

✒️🤦‍♀️: However, while writing our own holiday cards last night, I realized that the printer did not use our supplied art. They used a card back from a previous year instead. As a result, the wren card says it is printed on recycled stock, though it is not. It is printed on FSC-certified stock, my bare minimum.

🤢🤮: I am really, really sorry for this error. I am the sort of person who always flips a card over to check these details before buying it. And so I put a lot — like, a *lot* — of effort into making the best choices I can for printing, and representing those choices accurately to you. I’m honestly gutted about this mistake, and I apologize.

🚶‍♀️✉️⏳✉️⏳✉️: When you buy one of our cards, you’re paying for the time it takes to draw it, but also the effort that goes in to making greener choices. Everything we make is an iceberg of active decisions. In addition to the stock selection, we try to use local suppliers whenever possible. And I’ll be honest — it’s a real challenge, and sucks up a lot of time. I’ve only been able to have our cards printed locally on recycled stock by finding the one printer who was willing to special order it in for me. (I’d describe some of my exchanges with other printers as “active scoffing”.)

🗞️🗞️🗞️: This year, I was told I could only have recycled stock if I agreed to buy the whole stack instead of just what I needed, since, and I quote, “it will never get used”. I did, btw, agree to do this, but then was told it was unavailable until at least next year.

In related news, I’m looking for a new printer 😂…

I guess it’s fitting to post this on Humpday, cuz sometimes, it doesn’t go smooth.

So again, I apologize. We’ll keep trying to do our best, and if/when we mess up, we’ll fess up too.

Have a great week folks 💚


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Birb’s Eye View

🐦✏️: This is a little winter wren that is actually not a winter wren but instead is a Carolina wren. Because I got aaaaaallll the way through drawing a winter wren and then read that most winter wrens move out of Ontario for winter. 🤦‍♀️

🍄❄️: (In my defence, I ran into a winter wren in the woods here just a few weeks ago. Though I guess a few weeks ago the woods were also full of oyster mushrooms and not snow.)

🐦🔁🐦: Fortunately I was just a brighter belly and an eye stripe away from a Carolina wren — who *does* overwinter in Ontario. And who is also super adorable, and is also a sometime resident of our woods.

🖨️❔: This artwork is intended to be printed up as this year’s Maker’s Dozen holiday card. Though I’m having trouble finding a local printer with recycled (or FSC at minimum) cardstock. It’s really put a WRENch in my plans. Any recommendations in the Quinte West area welcome! 👍

Hope you’re having a great week folks!❄️🐦🌲

🙌🏳️‍🌈: And thanks to the incomparable @wellpreservedcreative for reminding me to quit playing colour wheel roulette and just look at colour theory when I’m stumped. (*Rogue colour choices remain my own.)