We make many things here in the Maker’s Dozen woods. From wild inklings to maple syrup to apps!

Geophonica is our homemade location-based app platform. Apps built with Geophonica use the phones we carry everyday to enhance our experiences of natural and built environments.

In Geophonica apps, audio, images and text are tied to real-world locations. As a user gets close to a location, content is activated and displayed.

Apps built on the Geophonica platform can be used for:

  • walking/driving tours (urban and rural)
  • puzzles + scavenger hunts
  • sound + visual art installations
  • outdoor and nature-based education
  • enhancing digital main streets
  • festivals and special events
  • historical and cultural outreach
  • interactive tourism maps
  • …whatever you can imagine!

If you’d like to discuss working together to build your own custom app, we’d love to hear from you! Just email us using the link at the bottom of the page.