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Snow Cake – 2022

A family tradition, to mark the first snowfall of the year. A white cake with white icing.

☃️🌨️: It’s a love cake to snow. It’s like if a love letter were edible. It’s a celebration of snow and winter. The cake (or cupcake) doesn’t have to be fancy, though it can be if you like.

🌈❄️: The particular kind of cake and icing isn’t important. It can be decorated with sprinkles or chocolate chips or not at all. Some years I make my snow cake playful, some years experimental, some years nostalgic.

💝❄️: It’s a cake to bake up and savour that feeling you have when you’re a little kid, and you throw open the curtains one morning, see that first blanket of white, and shout: “IT SNOWED!!!”

I still do this. (Just ask Neil 😉) And I plan to keep doing it until the day I die. I hope the snow sticks around here as long as I do.

And if the Snow Cake tradition sounds good to you, if you remember that feeling, that delicious “IT SNOWED!!” feeling — or if you’d like to — you’re welcome to join in, with whatever sweet snowy treat your heart feels like baking up. ❄️🎂

Have a wonderful weekend folks! Happy Snow Cake Day!