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Turning a t-shirt into underpants! 👕✂️👙

I bought this t-shirt in support of the Quinte Museum of Natural History, before it had a bricks-and-mortar home. I really like it, but it’s never quite fit me right — on my torso. Fortunately that is only one place I require clothing…

In this tutorial I found, you take an existing pair of underwear that fits you well (not shown), and use it to make a pattern. Then a little snip snip stitch stitch and, bam! “New” underpants!

+1 for upcycling your old t-shirts, +1 for increasing your stash of well-fitting underwear, and easily +2 for getting to wear a prehistoric fish on your butt.

(I don’t know the name of this beautiful fish-monster. But it reminds me of a coela.. coleaca… coelanct… That special fish you can get in Animal Crossing.)

Hope you had a great day makers!🧵