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The sweet song of a screech owl

Neil had gone out for a midnight chicken check, as he does sometimes. I was already sound asleep, as I do. But I groggily realized his excited voice was calling to wake me up. There was a screech owl outside! I threw on a pile of clothes and a toque, and crunched outside in the midnight snow. Sure enough, there was a screech owl trilling in the woods!

This is the first year we’ve recognized a screech owl call here. We’ve heard it a few times now, so I was able to record this audio of its sweet song the other night.

Sing on little friend🦉


📷: Photograph of a screech owl courtesy the wonderful Tess Miller. Who is the sort of person who has at least 5 photos of screech owls handy at all times, thanks to her years of hard work at an Ontario wildlife centre. Because she is a total boss.