Fun in the sun for a bun

Scrappy is still with us! The little bunny from the summer with the chunk out of his ear. Scrappy has always been a little “off” — perhaps from the scrap when he lost part of his ear? — but he keeps on keeping on. He’s made a snow fort by our shed. There’s a bunny diameter hole in the snow directly ahead of him where he can secret himself away. But during the day he sits out in the sun like a furry stone. Then come evening, he makes bunny runs between the dogwoods.

The other day we had a couple of friends over to snowshoe our woods. As we passed, Scrappy darted into his hole. But when it’s just Neil and I, he stays where he is. Seems like the recognition may run both ways… And if Scrappy feels comfortable staying in stone-mode with us, I am deeply flattered.


Footnote: We call Scrappy “he”, though they might well be a she. In the summer Scrappy kept company with another rabbit Neil christened “Scrapulet”. However they roll, they are most welcome here.