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Maker’s Dozen’s first endeavour “That Flipping Game” is a work-in-progress and a labour of love. It’s just a little bitty thing, but it’s also an experiment in making everything ourselves. Catherine is making all the digital art, the music, the font, and is writing the game code. Neil is writing all the game engine code (as well as being a fantastic second set of eyes on the digital art, the music, the font, the game code…).

Every day we get a little closer to releasing our game. There’s lots going on here though! Besides making the game, we also keep 8 chickens, 1 cat, and 25 acres of woods — and keep our existing clients happy. There’s always lots to do (and we love doing it). But we’ll keep churning away, and soon there will be a li’l something something to show for it!

Thanks for getting in there and helping us get it done!

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Coming soon!

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Coming soon — We’re signing up to receive donations through PayPal. If you feel like tossing us a loonie for a coffee while we work, that’d be awesome!

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A few goodies are held aside just for you if you’d like to become a patron! Would you like a thank you from a chicken? Would you like to name a tree? Would you like your name in the credits of a videogame?? Of course you would!

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Tshirts, mugs, laptop cases, bathmats(?!)… we’ve stuck our adorable ridiculous animals on them all!