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Whittle Trees

A few whittle trees, made by this evening’s fire. 🌲
Like many small businesses, we’re overdue for a long winter’s nap.

☀️/🌑: It’s the perfect time of year for rebalance. At winter solstice, when you can drink in whichever your heart needs more — the light or the dark.

🔥/❄️: So we’re off to enjoy firepits and snow banks. Fill our eyes with dazzling ice blues, and listen to the bright loud silence of winter.

💤/🎉: We have wonderful projects we’re excited to share with you in 2023. But before then, we’re putting our devices and ourselves in rest mode. Off and offline. Time to recharge.

Wishing you peace, love, merriment, and a beautiful new year.

~Kate and Neil