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“Junk” Coop

Not bad for a pile of junk.

“Scrappy” new mobile chicken coop, check! 🐔🛠️

🐤🐤🐤: We built a “new” mini-coop this summer. Sometimes a few chickens need to be separate from the flock for awhile — introducing new birds, a hen with chicks, too many roosters, an injured hen etc etc. Usually you’d pop them in a barn, but we don’t even have a garage, so by “barn” we usually mean “Kate’s office”. While I like my office to be modular, I also like it not to smell like chicken.

♻️🏗️: There is some fresh lumber in this build — we rip down ungraded/seconds 2x4s for the framing. But also so many scraps!! Including extra fence boards from raised beds as cladding, a salvaged steel roof, and part of our friends’ old kitchen island.

✂️🏠: The ridgecap is probably my favourite part of this build. We had just enough metal roofing to solidly patchwork the roof, but no ridgecap. So I took my tin snips to the extra pieces, and with a little 170lb persuasion (I leaned on them), I convinced the offcuts what they really wanted to be was a ridgecap. They generously agreed.

👩‍🚀🐔: A separate 4×6′ extension airlocks on to the main building, so the little dinosaurs have access to a larger patch of greens. Dig dig look, dig dig look…

🌱💦: The temporary clear roof on the extension is repurposed from another build, and is ultimately destined to become part of a water collection and irrigation system for our off-grid garden. It’s like a Matryoshka doll of repurposing. Plans within plans!

Have a wonderful week folks! 🐣