thinking big


I’ve previously had the pleasure of chatting about life with Jess Spooner of Rewild Wellness. But, like, over coffee, just the two of us. This time tape was rolling, and our conversational wanderings were curated by Jess, with our chat broadcast on her brand new show “Shine“.

“Shine is a program inspired by Shine Theory. I believe that there are role/possibility models all around us, working towards a better world and guided by their passions…we just don’t always see them. I want to shine a light on these folks and hopefully, will inspire others to follow their own dreams!”

Jess Spooner

As Jess sums up the episode: “[we] chat about gender in ⁠tech, living life outside of the box, and memory⁠ forests!⁠” Thanks for having me on your beautiful show Jess!