thinking big

Maurice Sendak: “I am in love with the world.”

Every once in awhile, someone out there writes or composes or codes or films or creates something that reaches in and touches a corner of my soul. Sometimes it is by making something physical, like an object, or a piece of visual art. Sometimes it is poetry. And sometimes it is “just” by making a difference. Some are recent, and some have stayed with me for years, and I come back to them again and again.

I’ll share those here sometimes. Perhaps on a more fixed schedule in the future, but for now, on an erratic one. Bits of sparkle.

Here is one: an interview with Maurice Sendak, illustrated by the wonderful Christoph Niemann. This was already in my soul’s rolodex, but I was reminded of it concretely the other night, when it was mentioned in this (also wonderful) podcast — The Anthropocene Reviewed, Reviewed — by John Green.

Enjoy. Live your life.

~ Kate